YouTube Live Streams Winning Space Lab Experiments…From Space!

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  • The three global winners chosen from the Space Lab YouTube channel’s crowdsourced challenge are about to have their science experiments performed by NASA astronauts LIVE at the International Space Station!

    Space Lab invited its young viewers to dream up their own science experiments for space and upload them to YouTube. Based on the insights of a carefully chosen group of science and space pros, along with viewers’ reactions, 60 finalists were narrowed down to six regional finalists. Finally, three global winners were offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

    The unprecented event, hosted by none other than everyone’s favorite Science Guy, Bill Nye, will be streamed live on YouTube today, September 13, starting at 10:50 am EST.

    Join the chat on Space Lab’s YouTube channel and use the hashtag #SpaceLab to ask your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter questions to NASA astronaut, Sunita Williams, who will be reporting live from space.

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