Jewel Performs Her Original “Walmart Song,” ’90s Fans Cringe

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  • Known for her ’90s chart toppers like “Foolish Games,” “You Were Meant For Me,” and “Who Will Save Your Soul,” singer/songwriter Jewel has recently found herself a new niche — penning tunes for a multinational retail corporation.

    Walmart, for one, is flaunting its celebrity spokesperson, and spreading the good word on YouTube. In the above video, Jewel visits the shopping mega brand and performs her original “Supermarket Song” from her new children’s album, “The Merry Goes Round.” But since she was tending to an exclusive Walmart audience, she whipped out a special version for her engaged spectators.

    The comments section is a rough place, with many YouTubers lamenting about how sad it is to see Jewel so in need of work. Top commenter Fantafanta writes, “SELL OUT HARDEST,” and AndyRespire follows by mocking the effort with his honest jab, “It’s difficult to rhyme ‘mechanically separated chicken’.”

    While Jewel’s songwriting skills are still evident even in this newest work, the folk songstress’ longstanding fan base might be a bit more comfortable seeing those talents put to use in other more dignified arenas.

    Also, check out this earlier performance of hers in-studio for Walmart Soundcheck.

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