How Well Does Shane Dawson Know His Own Epic YouTube Videos?

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  • We put YouTube star Shane Dawson to the ultimate Shane Dawson trivia test in our “You Don’t Know Shane” segment to see how well he knows his own mega hit videos.

    Watch as Shane and Shira Lazar navigate the past four years of ShaneDawsonTV insanity, from the origin of classic Dawson-verse characters to peeing in his own mouth to winning the 2010 Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star.

    For a chance to win a WTF pillow kissed and signed by Shane himself, leave a comment on this YouTube video telling us why you love Shane Dawson so much!

    Featured Videos:

    Who Are We

    Fred is Dead

    Blow Up Doll for Dinner

    Sexy Italian In My Room??

    Gangnam Style (Spoof)

    Be sure to check out Shane in the upcoming AMC horror movie, Smiley, which hits theaters October 11!

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