YouTubers Shane Dawson and Shanna Malcolm On Keeping Videos Fresh and Funny

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  • Mega YouTube star Shane Dawson stopped by What’s Trending to take fans’ questions about his quirky videomaking skills and chat with Shira and special guest host Shanna Malcolm about his upcoming projects.

    Now a YouTube partner and veteran on the scene, Shane shares how he thinks YouTube has changed along with the demands of an ever-growing audience.

    “I think YouTube is getting a little more produced nowadays, where it used to be like iPhone videos…now people are expecting higher quality,” he says. “And I’m trying to bring that to them every week. But sometimes it’s hard!”

    Shane also tells us how his famous character Shanaynay came to life. “My thought was, ‘Hey, I think it would be fun to interview celebrities!’ But I don’t care about celebrities, so how about Shanaynay makes fun of them the whole time and we don’t tell them?”

    Shane/Shanaynay did get away with interviewing Wilmer Valderrama, although Shane admits the actor didn’t know his interviewer would be donning a wig and the full Shanaynay getup.

    Finally, we learn how this crazy love for funny film all began: with a homemade video for a class project. “That was my first time having an audience laugh…with me, not at me!” Shane says. “And I’m like, ‘This is fun!’ So that’s kind of when I started YouTubing.”

    For a better glimpse into our guest’s YouTube history, we put Shane to the ultimate Shane Dawson trivia test in our “You Don’t Know Shane” challenge.

    Be sure to check out Shane in the upcoming AMC horror movie, Smiley, which hits theaters October 11!

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