Flula Explains Why Europeans Just Don’t Understand American Football

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  • YouTube’s favorite German DJ and funny man Flula Borg has some beef with the classic institution of American football.

    In his latest video, “American Football, Your Name It Is Strange,” Flula laments: “In Germany, we have Fußball. Fußball is ‘football,’ yeah?” But, of course, Americans call that “soccer,” and relegate the term “football” to a game in which the players predominantly use their hands — not their feet.

    Flula groans that in an entire American football game, “You have like nine kicks with the foot, but you are calling it ‘football’!”

    We see where you’re coming from, Flula. But your suggestions for alternative names for the sport may need a little fine tuning. “Carry-ball” and “carry-throw-ball-and-sometime-foot-kick-ball” aren’t too commercially viable.

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