X Factor Thunderstorms Bring Awful Auditions and Amazing Judges’ Reactions

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  • According to Bluefin Labs, The X Factor premiere was the #1 most social TV season premiere of all time, having garnered 1.4 million social media comments. That’s seven times more than rival show The Voice. And it didn’t stop there. Across the first 3 episodes, The X Factor tallied 2.3 million social TV comments.

    A big name to thank? Britney Spears. Bluefin Labs also reports that during a montage segment of Britney clips in the season premiere, the pop star received over 13,000 tweets per minute. In the seven consecutive days leading up to the premiere, Britney was responsible for 7 Worldwide trending topics on Twitter, and on the big day, mentions of Britney spiked 2375% on Facebook.

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