SourceFed’s Joe Bereta on Engaging YouTube Journalism and Unbiased Reporting

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  • Joe Bereta (SourceFed, Barats and Bereta) drops knowledge on how YouTube can be used to inform and entertain, based on the winning formula used by SourceFed, Phil DeFranco’s wildly successful foray into YouTube journalism.

    In the latest Dropping Knowledge segment from What’s Trending, Joe dishes his best advice on how to tackle unbiased reporting, fully engage with viewers over controversial issues and find the most entertaining and emotional ways to present stories — all on YouTube.

    “You don’t tend to get an unbiased side,” Joe points out. “So, what’s kind of nice about what we’re doing is that we can present an issue and then we can present the left side, the right side, and everything in between.”

    But that’s not to say that he and his team of four other hosts won’t give their own opinions as well. “If you put a little bit of yourself into your story…and a lot a bit of entertainment, I think that’s probably the best way to go about it,” Joe says.

    Moving on to the importance of fact checking on YouTube, Joe stresses that “You are connecting to an audience that is looking for news and information more intimately than any other outlet out there.” So, if you make a mistake, just call yourself out. No excuses!

    Most crucially, never forget that there are people watching who want to be as invested in the story as possible. Joe says, “If you give them an opportunity to be part of what you’re creating, then it’s only going to get bigger.”

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