Kevin Smith’s Exclusive Stalker-azzi Story and Reddit AMA Questions

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  • Auteur, author and podcaster Kevin Smith — of Jay and Silent Bob and Dogma fame — tells stories for a living, but he’s never before told his soon-to-be-infamous stalker-azzi tale, which he relayed exclusively on What’s Trending.

    What began as an innocent attempt by Kevin to enjoy the outdoors with his mini dachshund and get some exercise ended up turning into a crazy encounter with a fan who just happened to be camping in his car with “the longest telephoto lens in the world.”

    “I read enough Batman to know this dude is a villain,” our raconteur joked. Find out what happens next, straight from the mouth of Kevin Smith!

    We also put Smith in the hot seat (below) with our “Troll Food” segment and fired him with some questions he avoided on his Reddit AMA the first time around.

    Topics included which characters Kevin would breed to create the ultimate superhero, his preference between pancakes and waffles, and even his experience working with Drake on Degrassi back in the day.

    “That dude was such a good actor. He was one of the most believable kids on that show,” Kevin said. “And that’s not just through the prism of time,” adding to his knowledge that Drake is now an incredibly famous rapper.

    He even clues us in to some of the hate mail he received from creating such a controversial film as Dogma, contrasting the backlash with that of the recent prophet film, which YouTube banned after violence erupted in the Middle East.

    Not meaning to end on such a somber note, the characteristically funny man still had to advise, “Be glad we live in a country where you can express a differing opinion about somebody’s faith and not have to worry for the rest of your life.”

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