Shit Girls Say Ultimate Parody Mashup

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  • What’s Trending presents your complete guide to the best of the “Shit Girls Say” meme, starting with the original video that started it all.

    In December of 2011, the first edition of “Shit Girls Say” was uploaded to YouTube and the Internet instantly fell in love. The deceptively simple video, featuring Graydon Sheppard in a wig repeating stereotypically “girly” lines, kicked off not only a popular YouTube series and a new book, but also hundreds of spin-offs, parodies and re-imaginings.

    To wrap it all together for your viewing convenience, What’s Trending has scanned YouTube for the cream of the “Shit ____ Say” crop.

    Want to know what shit the “Shit Girls Say” creators say? Check out the What’s Trending interview with guys behind the meme and win a signed copy of their new Shit Girls Say book!

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