NFL Player Meows During His SportsCenter Interview in Tribute to Classic Stoner Comedy

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  • Atlanta Falcons safety and Hall of Fame contendor Thomas DeCoud called into a live interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter for what should’ve been an uneventful chat about the remainder of the season. That is, until the pro player took up the “Meow Game.”

    Having pulled a card from the 2001 stoner comedy Super Troopers — in which one state trooper challenges another to say “meow” 10 times during a traffic stop — DeCoud casually began slipping “meows” into his answers while on-air.

    According to uploader iGoLYTELY‘s caption on the video, Thomas said he could get 12 meows. How many can you count in the roughly 4-minute exchange?

    Just to confirm that he had successfully executed the joke, the NFL player later tweeted from @TwentyAte28, “Thanks for all the meow love I hoped I did it well enough for it to be subtle but funny…I’m glad it worked out lol,” going on to fill his feed with some rogue meows.

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