Deepak and Gotham Chopra on “Decoding Deepak” and “God: A Story of Revelation”

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  • Acclaimed author and physician Dr. Deepak Chopra stopped by What’s Trending with his son, Gotham Chopra, to talk about the family dynamic behind Gotham’s documentary, “Decoding Deepak,” and what we can expect from Deepak’s 66th book, God: A Story of Revelation.

    The two also take viewers’ questions about love, health, spirituality, and finding peace among the stimulation of a tech-centric world.

    With Gotham’s film set to be released on October 5, the filmmaker takes us back to the germ of his creative concept. “I wanted to reconcile this impression the world has of my dad with mine and I just started rolling tape,” Gotham says.

    He also notes the topicality of the film, citing people’s search for something they might not be immediately finding in religion or within themselves. “My father is a great object of people’s need to believe in something,” he says. “But I say that with affection and respect both for him and his audience.”

    When asked if he was worried about how his son would portray him on film, Deepak serenly responds that he simply does not worry. Period. “Worry is a bad use of imagination,” he continues. “A good use of imagination is creativity.”

    Despite having been put in front of the lens, Deepak doesn’t feel that he learned anything about himself during film production. Instead, he turns to his son. “The movie wasn’t about me,” Deepak says. “It was about him. He was ‘decoding Deepak’ in order to understand who Gotham was.”

    Even though Deepak regularly practices meditation and refining the internal scope, he remains very connected to the technological world. “I think that cyberspace is our neural network for rewiring the global brain,” he says. “So I’m trying to contribute my little bit so we can have a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, happier world.”

    Available for purchase now, Deepak’s new historical fiction book tracks the history of revelation from Job’s religious awakening to Einstein’s groundbreaking experiences. “I’m obsessed by the mystery of our existence right now,” the author tells. “Ultimately, we’re all God in drag.”

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