SeaNanners Battles Through Resident Evil 6 With Star of Game, Matthew Mercer

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  • YouTuber SeaNanners brings his famous gaming commentary live to the What’s Trending studio while answering fan questions and guiding host Shira Lazar through Resident Evil 6 — which is officially released today!

    Voice actor Matt Mercer, who makes his Resident Evil debut as recurring character Leon Kennedy, pops on the scene as a surprise guest and helpful hand to guide SeaNanners through the perilous maze of zombie foes.

    According to SeaNanners (real name Adam Montoya), Resident Evil 5 was more action-orientated whereas the sixth installment “looks like it’s going back to creepy,” citing the dark and ominous motif of the game.

    As a master of gameplay commentary, SeaNanners advises those following suit to just have fun. “It helps to be comfortable in your own skin…whatever your voice may be, just focus on that!” While commentary used to be about giving tips, now personalities are really emerging as YouTubers find their own audiences and styles of play.

    While Matt’s a veteran gamer and no stranger to the Resident Evil universe (and even sports the hair of his character!), he assures us that none of those traits are requirements for being an RE6 voice actor. Luckily for the new Leon, he was able to provide a voice in a world that he was really passionate about.

    Matt suggests new RE6 players to play online because other people can jump in with your partner and take over, not to mention you’ll gain the ability to jump in other people’s games as a zombie and hunt them down!

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