“Dance Showdown” Season 2 Sneak Peek with YouTube Star Brittani Louise Taylor

"Dance Showdown" Season 2 Sneak Peek with YouTube Star Brittani Louise Taylor
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube’s very own “Dance Showdown” show partners 12 top YouTubers with professional dancers to see who can truly bring the moves.

    With Season 2 set to premiere tomorrow, contestant Brittani Louise Taylor stopped by What’s Trending to chat about the demands of making dance videos, her background as a terrific bad dancer and the thrill of working with judge, Joey Fatone.

    We also present an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the show with the N*SYNC star himself!

    Even though Brittani excitedly tells us we can expect lots of drama, booty shakin’ and tears this season, she admits that it’s been hard to compete with friends. “We all know each other!” she says. “It’s this big YouTube community.”

    And that even includes the judges. YouTube stars Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, and Dave Days make appearances to critique their comrades’ dance steps.

    The comparison to network TV’s Dancing With the Stars is inevitable. But YouTuber personalities are incomparable, of course. “We’re so much cooler!” she boasts. “We’re all just big, Internet-loving nerds. It’s great.”

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