“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Preview With Stewart Hendler, Enisha Brewster, Burnie Burns, Nak3d Eli

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  • Premiering today on Machinima Prime, the brand new “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” series is the largest-scale live-action event EVER set in the Halo universe! The show also provides the perfect segue into the the new Halo 4, which will launch just as this series ends on November 6.

    Director Stewart Hendler (“H+“), star Enisha Brewster, “Red vs. Blue”/Rooster Teeth creator Burnie Burns and Halo expert Nak3d Eli join What’s Trending to discuss the challenges of recreating the Halo world on screen and what viewers should expect from the pioneering series.

    Even though Stewart has been a hardcore fan of the game since it came out, he assures viewers that the series is catered to both brand new Halo fans and diehard devotees. “If you love Halo,” he added, “we absolutely made this with you in mind.”

    He’s also not shy about discussing the challenges of bringing the iconic Master Chief to life. “Us trying to flesh out his character in too much detail is never going to live up to what you have already built up in your head as the awesomeness that is Master Chief.”

    That’s why their story concept revolves around a group of younger cadets who are thrown into the middle of the war, with the audience able to see how they react to Master Chief. “They become the mirror that helps us, as an audience, understand what the effect — what the aura — of Master Chief is without us ruining the enigma,” Stewart says.

    In true tradition of the Halo games having hidden Easter Eggs, Stewart is also thrilled to let us know that there are, in fact, some similar hidden treasures in the series.

    Want to know what they are? You’ll have to watch the show for yourself to find out!

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