Reggie Watts Literally Shocks David Blaine With Live Music During Intel #Electrified Stunt

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  • Endurance artist and magician David Blaine spent his October 5th weekend hooked up to a series of Tesla coils while standing in a chain mail suit for 72 hours straight.

    “Electrified,” Blaine’s most daring and dangerous stunt yet, was live-streamed via YouTube and interactive in nature, as viewers around the world were invited to use Intel Ultrabook computers to personally control the electrical charge in Blaine’s dome.

    In this What’s Trending exclusive, comedian and musician Reggie Watts showed up on the scene in New York City to play an original song on the coils using one of Intel’s Ultrabook computers. Hear Watts “play” David Blaine into his final five hours of “Electrified” in this outstanding technological first.

    Want to hear more about how Blaine prepared for his amazing stunt? Watch this What’s Trending exclusive chat with David Blaine on the day before he embarked, featuring host Shira Lazar and an all-star YouTube panel of Olga KayNerdist‘s Justin Willman and Tyler Oakley.

  • Watch more of the event at The Ultrabook Experience YouTube channel.

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