Romney Supporter & YouTube Sensation Trisha Paytas Elaborates on Her Political Beliefs in Exclusive Interview

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  • LA YouTuber Trisha Paytas has become something of an Internet sensation after she gave her official endorsement to presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a video this past week.

    In this exclusive What’s Trending interview, Trisha sits down with Shira Lazar (on the eve of her appearance on Sean Hannity’s show) to discuss her decision to make outspoken political opinion videos, how she found faith after working as a stripper and how Catholicism has informed her political beliefs.

    Though she admits to using satire and humor to spread her message, Trisha insists that she is not playing a character, and these videos represent her authentic beliefs and attitudes.

    Trisha has been consistently uploading YouTube content for six years now, and the popular vlogger now has over 200,000 subscribers. While she’s been releasing political videos all year, this recent one about Mitt Romney is the first to have gained widespread attention.

    “My my main reason is my faith — for voting for Romney,” she says. “I’m very anti birth control — anti free birth control — so I, of course, am not going to support Obama.” She continues, “I just endorse [Romney] because I think so many people, especially the liberal media, just brainwashes people.”

    Trisha has fielded massive amounts of criticism for the ideas she voices in her videos, but she believes that most of those haters are ignorant and just going with the general consensus. “They don’t really know that Obama has a mandate against the Catholic church, that Obama is threatening your freedom of religion.”

    So, why use YouTube to share these ideas?

    “YouTube is a great way to reach a lot of people, especially young females, and that’s what my channel’s all about,” says Trish. “I’ve gone down one direction and that didn’t work for me, so now I’ve found Jesus; I’m a conservative Catholic. So, now I kind of just preach that to people and help them to better their lives.”

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