The World’s Fastest Baby Carriage Soars at Over 30 mph

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  • “It’s not for women! It’s for men!”

    Being a dad doesn’t mean life has to get boring, at least not for Colin Furze, whose YouTube channel is described as “A cross between top gear scrapheap challenge jackass and my brain.”

    Looking to share some extremely risky, quality time with his baby, Colin set a new challenge for himself: can he build the world’s fastest pram and break the 30 mph record?

    Always one to rise to the occasion, our engineer constructed a super-class baby carriage, equipped with 10 horsepower, 4 gears, and every necessary comfort for your baby, including a metal shielding to protect against harsh winds, flying bugs, and possible disastrous crashes.

    Colin explains of his video,”This is hopefully going to be the worlds fastest pram on OCTOBER 14TH at avon park drag strip (shakespere county raceway) all i have to do is break 30mph but as you can guess from video that will happen.”

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