Jay Mohr’s “Mohr Stories” Podcast Is Like A Deep Conversation on a Drive To Vegas

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  • Comedian Jay Mohr hangs out with Shira Lazar and Brett The Intern at What’s Trending to take fan questions about his beloved podcast, “Mohr Stories,” his first major role in “Jerry Maguire” and even the least favorite moment of his Hollywood career.

    Things start off well as Jay exclaims, “I kick nerds in the face!” and maintains that he’s one of the cool guys. Calm down, calm down. He’s just kidding. That’s some improv. It’s what he does!

    Following an impressive filmography, Jay’s favorite project he’s ever worked on has been developing his “Mohr Stories” podcast, which is approaching its 100th episode. He’s entertained guests ranging from Rufus Wainwright and Charlie Sheen to his own priest.

    “I never would’ve thought that in the age of, you know, post-Kardashian world that people’s appointment listening and viewing would be me and my friends talking in my garage,” Jay remarks of the Internet platform.

    So, how would he describe his own show? “It’s if you and your friends smoked a joint and drove to Vegas and like that deep, deep conversation you get as you pass through Zyzzyx,” he says. “It’s that without the joint.”

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