Felicia Day Reacts to YouTube’s Legendary World of Warcraft Parodies

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  • “The Guild” creator/writer/star Felicia Day knows WoW. She wrote a show about it! Now, the star of “Dragon Age: Redemption” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” sets her sights on YouTube’s most legendary “World of Warcraft”-inspired videos.

    Recoil in horror at her secret prejudice against The Horde. Learn about a Codex Easter Egg in “The Guild: Season 2”! And shed a single tear for the poor soul whose girlfriend deleted his entire roster of characters.

    Featured videos:

    World of Warcraft: Dancing

    Frame of Mind

    Leroy Jenkins

    Girlfriend Deletes WoW Characters

    Also, check out Felicia Day’s fan chat about “The Guild” season 6, “Dr. Horrible” sequel rumors, and running her own YouTube network. For a YouTube-star-powered, LARP-ers style fitness routine, watch Felicia Day and Shay Carl endure a rigorous workout in the studio!

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