“Smiley” Premiere Red Carpet with iJustine, Toby Turner, Shane Dawson + more!

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  • It was a YouTube-star-studded red carpet at Michael Gallagher’s “Smiley” horror film premiere!

    Web celeb comrades and “Smiley” stars turned up in full force to help celebrate the Totally Sketch creator’s huge new project, which made history by jumping from self-funded on YouTube to a national AMC Theaters release. Oh, and they also get scared out of their minds.

    Learn all about the slasher film directly from  iJustineOlga KayShane Dawsonthe Shaytards, and so much more. Our movie-goers also share their insights into what elements are needed to make a classically terrifying flick!

    Aching to know more? “Smiley” director Michael Gallagher — creator of the venerable YouTube comedy channel TotallySketch – and stars Steve Greene and Jason Horton stopped by What’s Trending to give their behind-the-scenes takes on making the “pee-pants worthy” film.

  • Go watch the SMILEY trailer and run to see it in a theater near you!

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