WATCH: Felix Baumgartner Jumps To The Earth From Outer Space

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  • Felix Baumgartner made history this weekend by successfully completing the Red Bull Stratos Edge of Space Mission, which saw his daring stunt streamed LIVE

    The mission was initially delayed several times due to unsuitable weather conditions, but was finally completed on Sunday, October 14 in New Mexico.

    Supported by a helium-filled balloon, the 43-year-old Austrian skydiver ascended 128,100 ft. above the earth’s surface and just dropped right down, brreaking the sound barrier with his unprecedented, supersonic freefall. But that’s not all Felix broke. The brave jumper also smashed through three world records in the process: maximum speed during a freefall (833 mph, to be precise), highest freefall, and highest manned balloon flight.

    Felix may have also broken YouTube history, having raked in 8 million viewers during the livestreamed event.

    He was falling for four minutes and twenty seconds, leaving the record for longest freefall with mentor and project participant Col. Joe Kittinger.

    While deploying his parachute ensured a safe landing for Felix, we all know what really happened. Red Bull gave him wings.

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