NFL Great Warren Sapp, a.k.a YouTube’s “Judge Sapp,” Settles Live Prude Girls Dispute In Studio

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  • Warren Sapp is used to having the final say on his show, “Judge Sapp,” where he settles disputes with his trademark no-nonsense attitude and outrageous wit. But he may have met his match when faced with a throwdown between the Live Prude Girls – Milana Vayntrub and Stevie Nelson – over who gets to keep a shared TV in her bedroom!

    Warren says that his new tell-all book, “Sapp Attack,” is about “My story, and more than my story, my travels from a little, small town called Plymouth, Florida, all the way to the World Championship and beyond.” But he warns about the spit-take-worthy prose: “Don’t have your favorite drink while you’re reading that book!”

    Referring to his craziest case throughout his ongoing “Judge Sapp” gig on The NOC TV YouTube channel, Warren asks, “Do you know what testicular inversion is, my brother?” Enough said!

    While discussing the current state of the NFL, Warren strongly predicts that breakout rookie Robert Griffin III (RG3) is this year’s player to watch. “He and Luck will be the two pillars that’ll carry us home through the 21st century,” he asserts. “Peyton and Brady is over. It’s gonna be Luck and RG3.”

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