James Bond “007 Legends” Video Game First Look with FLitZ and Daniel Kim from NODE

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  • It’s game day and Bond appreciation day on What’s Trending!

    Players take on the persona of Daniel Craig’s strapping James Bond in the brand new, first-person shooter “007 Legends” video game from Activism. The special release comes just in time to celebrate 50 years of James Bond films, including a variety of missions and sequences from the famous flicks, including “Moonraker,” “Goldfinger” and the November 2012 release “Skyfall.”

    We invited experts FLiTZ and Daniel Kim to take a stab at the new product live in the studio and chat with us about the recently launched NODE YouTube channel for gaming — which comes from the minds (and hearts) of Freddie Wong, Toby Turner, Ethan Newberry and more!

    “GoldenEye is a lot of where the multi-player competitiveness started,” Daniel says of the previous N64 game. “The bar’s been raised quite significantly since then.”

    Both agree that the new 007 Legends game doesn’t quite meet the hype but can still be enjoyable to play. Daniel identifies the graphics as a bit dated with FLitZ merely saying, “It’s a game!” He later elaborates to say that it feels like a movie game — a genre he doesn’t quite like — rather than its own entity.

    Looking forward, Daniel says that he definitely thinks e-sports is the future of gaming, citing million-dollar prize pools like League of Legends Championship and Doda International. “It’s going to explode in America soon,” he says. “It’s already really big in Korea.”

    FLitZ adds, “Once professional gaming gets national coverage — television coverage, film coverage — then that’s when you’re like, ‘Okay, now it’s the big time.'”

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