Epic Meal Time 2 Year Anniversary Celebration and “Epic Chef” Sneak Preview with The Sauce Boss

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  • To celebrate two full gut-busting seasons of YouTube’s favorite, gluttonous cooking show, Epic Meal Time, Shira Lazar visits the “Sauce Boss” Harley Morenstein on the set of his latest project, “Epic Chef,” to be served up this November!

    According to the bearded Epic Meal Time king, the tastiest dish they’ve ever made on the show would have to be one of the breakfast foods, like 84-egg sandwich or Breakfast Fortress. You know, the standards.

    Meanwhile, the hardest meal to create was the legendary Turbaconepicentipede. What does that entail? Five birds stuffed in a pig, ten times over, attached ass-to-mouth like a centipede. And then some crazy YouTubers had to eat it! Delish.

    Harley also tells us that his own signature dish vacillates between Candied Bacon and the Bacon Weave, or even perhaps a Candy Bacon Weave for the best of both worlds.

    PLUS we toast the show’s 2 fabulous years with some Jack Daniels, bacon-flavored candy, and a rigorous Calorie Challenge for only the most experienced foodies. How did you fare throughout the competition?

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