Shiny Toy Guns Performs “Fading Listening” LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • LA-based band Shiny Toy Guns stops by What’s Trending to perform “Fading Listening” and chat with guest host Rebecca Black about their latest album, “III,” which drops October 23.

    Kickstarted by childhood friends Jeremy Dawson and Chad Petree, the group formed as a foursome on the West Coast back in 2002 and steadily built an impressive following via MySpace. Once they hit the big time, the band toured the nation with their 2006 Universal Records debut album, “We Are Pilots,” which was followed by the sophomore effort, “Season of Poison.”

    Although there has been some variation among the group’s membership, Shiny Toy Guns remains hard on the trail and ready to rock their new record.

    “The sound of this album is the natural evolution of where ‘We Are Pilots,’ the original record, would’ve gone, had it been the original four,” says vocalist Carah Faye Charnow. “I feel like it’s a really natural progression and direction for us to have gone and we’re really excited about it.”

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