Indie Hip-Hop Sensations Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

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  • As a part of his Jabari Presents series, director Jabari Johnson serves up a YouTube documentary about indie hip-hop/rap team Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, taking you behind the scenes of the duo’s viral “Thrift Shop” music video and “The Heist” debut album.

    Jabari traveled to Seattle, Washington to get an insider’s view of the struggles of mixing art and business, Macklemore’s battle with drug addiction, and how the duo are breaking into the mainstream without the help of record label.

    “To me, I make rap music. I never wanted to be an underground rapper,” Macklemore says. “I hate that term. My intention was to make music that spoke to people. And not like 40 people — hundreds and thousands if not millions of people could connect with what I’m writing about.”

    Most recently, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released their “Same Love” music video, which advocates gay marriage and currently has over 5 million views.

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