Pumpktris: How to Build a Game of Tetris Right Into Your Organic Pumpkin

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  • Happy Halloween, Internet!

    We know you’ve played countless, heated games of Tetris on your classic Game Boy or chosen device of nostalgia. You may have even played the world’s largest game on an MIT building. But you’ve never seen tetris pumpkified…until now.

    HaHaBird‘s Nathan Pryor brings us into the Halloween spirit by showing off Pumpktris, his fully playable version of the Tetris video game, built directly into a pumpkin. Equipped with 128 LEDs and a wired stem that serves as a giant game controller, Nathan’s pumpkin was ready to rock and impress the costume pants off of YouTube.

    Not to mention, the name of the game contains five consecutive consonants. The audacity.

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