This iPad Mini Promo Didn’t Quite Make the Cut

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  • “iPad Mini is the future. It’s the future until May – at least. Probably more like the end of May.”

    Apple’s own employees can’t even get the hyperbolic language and tech-babble correct. That’s why John Elerick‘s iPad Mini promo didn’t quite make the cut in the tech giant’s new product campaign. But it definitely fits the bill in the realm of YouTube spoofs.

    Maybe it’s the employees’ confusion about their own products or the overwrought attempts for Apple to keep one-upping itself, but something about these chronic, minimalist ads are just begging to be parodied.

    The good news is, if customers truly don’t like Apple’s new iProduct, they only have to wait a few short months for a new one.

    “More than likely June. iPad Mini is now the future – until then.”

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