Assassin’s Creed III First Look with CaptainSparklez and Andrea Rene

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  • On this spooky, special Halloween episode of What’s Trending, CaptainSparklez and Machinima’s Andrea Rene tackle the brand new Assassins Creed III video game in full Mario Bros. costumes, while answering questions from fans about their experiences with online gaming and viral YouTube videos.

    Assassin’s Creed III is the fifth game (confusing, right?) to emerge from the Ubisoft franchise of stealth adventure titles about the battle throughout history between assassins and the Knights Templar. In this latest edition, players are dropped into the American Revolution, battling for independence from the redcoats of the British Army.

    As our intrepid players embark on their virtual journey, we first learn that Jordan Maron — better known as CaptainSparklez — had his Internet nickname bestowed upon him by fellow gamer SeaNanners. While the suggestion was posed as a dare and a joke, the name ultimately ended up sticking, and so here we are today.

    Meanwhile, back in the game, Andrea — who proves to be a walking Wikipedia of Assassins Creed — tells us that Assassin’s Creed III could very well be her favorite game of the series. “Brotherhood is still number one, so this still has a little bit to prove, but if it goes where I think it’s going, it could be my favorite,” she says, citing her enjoyment of the American Revolution backdrop and historical details.

    While players new to Assassin’s Creed can just jump right into this new game, Andrea says that those familiar with the franchise will get the most out of it.

    For his quick and final review, CaptainSparklez offers, “I played the multiplayer and it’s exceptionally fun. It’ll bring you hours of entertainment and ‘gamer face’ and you should try it out!”

    So go get your gamer face on and take the adventure for yourself!

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