Kid Koala Performs “Skanky Panky” LIVE and Answers Fan Questions

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  • Live in the What’s Trending studio, DJ Kid Koala mixes his hit song “Skanky Panky” from his album “Some of My Best Friends Are DJs” and answers fan questions about the his latest record, “12 Bit Blues.”

    After Kid Koala – born Eric San – bonds with Shira Lazar about being a fellow Montreal native, the two move on to discussing social media and the influence that technology has on this star turntablist’s tunes.

    “All of the music that I like, whether it was rock or hip-hop or jazz, they seemed – when I started to connect the dots back in musical history – all those roads just lead to blues,” Kid Koala says of the inspiration for “12 Bit Blues.” With a ton of soul, he managed to merge the soulful genre with his innovative turntable techniques.

    One of the many reasons that Kid Koala’s sound is so original is that he actually devises his own musical machinery, like his record cutter. “I can create custom vinyls and essentially, it’s like if you’re a chef and you want to make your own salad – it’s like growing your own tomatoes,” he says. “It’s going that deep into the source.”

    Also, who wouldn’t want that awesome DIY cardboard gramophone kit that comes with his new album?

    Buy “12 Bit Blues” on iTunes now – check out more music at Kid Koala’s website and follow him on Twitter!

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