Meet 4-Year Old Tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (Interview)

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  • Abigael Evans became an Internet sensation this week after her mother Elizabeth filmed her crying over a case of election fatigue. Tired of hearing the endless rhetoric around the campaigns of Barack Obama (or “Bronco Bamma”) and Mitt Romney, young Abigael sobbed on camera in frustration, echoing the feelings of many voters.

    Now, she talks with Shira about her take on the election and the story behind her viral video, “Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.”

    “We were driving after daycare and listening to NPR and as we pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, she just started crying and I asked her why,” Elizabeth says of how the video came to be.

    Considering the YouTube upload has reached almost 4 million views in only three days, it’s obvious that young Abigael’s lament struck a chord with many people.

    “I think we can all relate to what she said, you know? Everybody’s tired of it,” Elizabeth says. “And I think one really appealing thing about it is that it’s not polarizing in any way.”

    So, if the budding political mediator could give Americans any advice in the ways of politics, what would it be? Simply: “Stop fighting.”

    Fair enough, Abigael.

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