Tyler Oakley and Kingsley Play “Getting To Know You” LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • YouTube’s famous vloggers Kingsley and Tyler Oakley may have only collaborated on one hilarious video so far, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t learned all there is to know about each other from being BFFs over Twitter and YouTube. Plus, their fans love to ship them as Tingsley! With that information in hand, we challenge the online personalities with the ultimate “Getting To Know You” game.

    Find out who can better identify the other’s favorite foods, music, Internet memes, YouTubers and, yes, choices of underwear.

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned (besides all of that personal information!), it’s that there’s some undeniable on-screen chemistry here. The YouTube viewers have spoken: more collaborations! Now!

    Kingsley also sat down with Shira Lazar to take questions from fans about his aspirations to be Chelsea Handler’s slave, how he deals (or doesn’t) with the haters (or “peasants”), his grudge against the Jonas Brothers, his inspiration for making crazy YouTube videos, and much more insight into the life of a pro vlogger.

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