Chester See Performs “God Damn You’re Beautiful” LIVE & Answers Fan Questions About YouTube, Music, Touring

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  • Chester See is a man of many talents – actor, comedian, musician, songwriter, all-around renaissance YouTuber – who treats his almost 1 million subscribers to a grab bag of comedy sketches, cover songs or original tunes each Tuesday.

    Now, demonstrating his skills as a live performer, Chester serenades the What’s Trending studio with his original song, “God Damn You’re Beautiful,” and answers questions from Shira, Tyler, and his fans about his personal life, the inspirations behind his music, and what’s up next for his career.

    Chester identifies author and marketing guru Seth Godin as a major inspiration for him, in terms of harnessing the power of his original YouTube channel. Chester says of Godin’s book, “Tribes,” “It really dealt with being a leader online and building an audience and knowing how to communicate with that audience […] It definitely helped me grow in this space.”

    And it worked! Chester is well on his way to having a fanbase of 1 million subscribers. So, once he gains those six zeros, how will our YouTuber celebrate? He admits that he’s planning to have his own Academy Awards moment (Speech! Speech!) when he gets his golden “Play” button (which is apparently a thing).

    Still, while YouTube and social media platforms allow viewers from all over the world to connect with Chester, super fans are eager to see him live.

    On that note, Chester reveals that he’s going to be making a trip Australia with Taryn Southern and other awesome YouTubers on Epik Entertainment’s major A-Team Tour! He also assures us that, even though cover songs are easier to produce, we can also be expecting more original tunes in the near future.

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