“The Magic School Bus” Live-Action Movie Trailer

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  • The ’90s PBS TV cartoon series, “The Magic School Bus,” based off of Joanna Cole’s famous children’s books is now being unofficially resurrected in a brand new format: a live-action motion picture (trailer)!

    Ms. Valeria Frizzle, a.k.a. the best science teacher in the world, has taken her ragtag team of students on impossible and mindblowing field trips to the ocean floor, the time of the dinosaurs, and even inside the human body. Now that she’s dead, the doting teacher communicates with her students from beyond the grave in order to meet them for one last school lesson – in hell.

    Thanks to MovingMindStudio and Avenue8, Ralphie, Tim, Arnold, D.A., Wanda, Carlos, Pheobe, Keesha, and, of course, Liz the pet lizard join forces again in the name of science, education, and friendship.

    Show of virtual hands: how many ’90s kids would totally watch this?

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