Bill Nye on Evolutionism, Hurricane Sandy, and Changing the World

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  • Everyone’s favorite multi-platform professor, Bill Nye the Science Guy, streams into What’s Trending via Google+ Hangout to discuss evolution, climate change, online learning and much more with The Nerdist’s Matt Mira, our host Shira Lazar and YouTube’s Lamarr Wilson.

    Following up from his notoriously outspoken take on science education and teaching kids about evolution, Bill says, “The earth is not 6,000 years old. It’s not 10,000 years old. It is inappropriate to use tax dollars intended for science education to teach Creationism as an alternative to reality.”

    While on the topic of politics, Bill states his belief that Hurricane Sandy could have more major political ramifications than Hurricane Katrina did because this latest storm hit the Northeast. “This is just the beginning,” he predicts, regarding extraordinary climate change. “I’m not saying there’s going to be a Sandy every weekend or every year, but every decade we can expect more and more stronger storms.”

    Looking to the future, Bill takes some time to propose his so-called “crazy ideas” in the interest of safety and security. For example, the government could put some public works in motion to set up power lines in less vulnerable locations, such as the underground, and devise sources of renewable energy so that we don’t have to depend on foreign oil.

    Moving on to the idea of using YouTube as an educational resource, Bill asserts, “You can absolutely learn from funny, three minute videos. It’s how I made my living for a while!”

    In that vein, Shira brings up the event of NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars, a feat which was largely celebrated via live streams and social media. While Bill is tapped into the online world, he seems more excited about the prospects of what certain discoveries might mean for the human race. “If that rover drives up to some rock layer on the planet Mars and finds evidence of living things […] it would – dare I say it – change the world!”

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