Can You Spot the Differences in Rhett and Link’s New Music Video?

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  • Rhett and Link‘s new interactive music lets unfold a creepy, mythical story of monsters, a Sandman, a tooth fairy, burglars, and more. And you get to be a part of it all!

    For a chance to win $4,000 and SleepBetter products, the YouTubers invite their viewers to count the number of differences between the split screen and enter that number into the SleepBetter’s Facebook app to unlock the answer video.

    The contest rules make it clear that such differences only include purposeful and discernable changes in the set, props, and wardrobe. Slight variations in the choreography or the positioning of bodies and objects don’t count, with two exceptions: in one scene, one character is singing on one side but not singing at all on the other, and a box opens during a performance on one side but not the other.

    So, get that replay button working and start your tally!

    [h/t Laughing Squid]

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