The Most Viral Thanksgiving Videos of All Time

The Most Viral Thanksgiving Videos of All Time
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Our friends at Visible Measures are bringing in the holiday YouTube-style by counting down the Internet’s most famous, viral Thanksgiving videos ever.

    Since the autumn festivities are all about food and fun, it’s no surprise that the team at Epic Meal Time have dominated this list by not only ranking in at #1 but also by sneaking two videos in there.

    The Turkey Day Top 10 also features YouTube favorites like Ryan Higa, freddiew, and Fred! But perhaps the most notable addition is Nicole Westbrook’s breakout “It’s Thanksgiving” viral video – known for its turkey leg microphone – which has only been on YouTube since November 7, 2012 and already comes in at #2!

    Considering the Thanksgiving sensation was produced by Patrice Wilson, the mastermind behind Rebecca Black‘s “Friday,” should we really be surprised?

  • 10. FRIENDS Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt by AnimalHouseUSA; 1,906,157 views