Overly Attached Girlfriend Interviews Stars at the American Music Awards Red Carpet

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  • On Sunday, November 18, Laina Walker – a.k.a Overly Attached Girlfriend – embraced the opportunity of a lifetime, setting herself up on the press row of the America Music Awards red carpet.

    While Laina was surely on the hunt for scoops and exclusives with all of today’s hottest artists, her AMAs 2012 experience mostly turned into a stakeout for Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber – a noted object of Laina’s obsession, if you didn’t know already from her famous meme.

    Despite the distraction of many false Bieber sightings, the girl behind OAG did manage to have some fun interviewing Pentatonix, MysteryGuitarMan, and The Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell. She also had some glitzy run-ins with Karmin, Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift, and Ke$ha (which mostly included screaming their names incessantly until they shot her a confused look).

    In the end, while Laina didn’t quite get the chance to use her invisible lasso technique on Justin Bieber, she did clue us in to an intimate discussion between Ryan Seacrest and Scooter Braun. They were totally talking about her, right?

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