Toby Turner Teaches You How To Access YouTube’s New Creator Space LA

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  • At the grand opening gala of the YouTube Creator Space L.A., the web’s famous Toby Turner (a.k.a Tobuscus) – known for his hilarious video game commentaries, sketches, popular “Cute Win Fail” series and much more – joins Shira Lazar to talk about his own channel, how he almost became a dentist, and his suggestions for YouTubers looking to grow their audiences.

    Proving his stripes as an ultimate YouTuber, Toby uploads roughly 30 videos a week, and that’s just on his Toby Games channel! Add on daily vlogs from his second channel plus everything from his main Tobuscus page and you’ve got one giant online media empire.

    However, Toby admits that most of these video aren’t edited, rather they’re just long shots of him gaming, rambling, and, as always, making viewers laugh. But sketch comedy fans – fret not! Toby has just recently started producing scripted videos again, kicking things off with last week’s “Heely Cops.”

    And now that he has access to YouTube’s Creator Space, the possibilities are endless for Toby to create different types of high-tech, collaborative content for his extensive, loyal fanbase.

    While YouTube does have specific requirements for those looking to apply to use the new space, achieving YouTube success doesn’t have to come with 100,000 views overnight. For all of those aspiring YouTubers, Toby dishes his advice on how to beef your channel, engage with an audience and qualify to use YouTube’s amazing new facility.

    “If you can make one person laugh really hard, you’re going to have an audience somewhere,” Toby says. It’s never too late to start networking at YouTuber events, stalking future collaborators, and boosting that subscriber number with a catchy outro like Toby’s! (Or maybe just steal his…)

    Learn more about YouTube Space Los Angeles on their website.

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