Katy Perry Chats About Her New Album and Dealing With Bullies at “Trevor Live” 2012

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  • In this exclusive interview from the “Trevor Live” 2012 red carpet, Trevor Hero Award honoree Katy Perry talks with Shira Lazar and Tyler Oakley about the importance of The Trevor Project’s mission, her own experiences with bullying, and teasers about her new album in the works.

    The Trevor Project serves LGBT youth by providing a free, confidential helpline aimed at bullying prevention and suicide intervention. Each year, the “Trevor Live” gala benefits the cause, featuring performances and speeches Hollywood’s biggest stars. The 2012 event honors the ultimate “Firework,” Katy Perry, for improving the lives of America’s youth through her messages of acceptance and hope.

    “I think that The Trevor Project and I kind of have the same mantra, which I’ve used over the past year, which is: ‘If you be yourself, you can be anything,'” the singer-songwriter says. She adhered to that mantra in the making of her inspiring, no-holds-barred feature film, “Katy Perry: Part of Me.”

    Speaking of spreading powerful and positive messages through her art, Perry says, “This year has really given me the time to see the fruits of my labor and see the songs that have really affected people and so I feel very proud of that. And I hope to do that again.”

    The pop culture icon goes on to talk about her own experiences dealing with bullying and how those struggling to find a supportive community can rely on The Trevor Project’s resources for help.

    “I think that you can find a community online with Trevor Chat,” she offers. “And TrevorSpace. There are all these new technical opportunities for people to come together as a community who might feel a little outcast.”

    But she stresses that there is no shame in feeling different or being an outsider, saying, “I think that outcast is kind of like the ‘new.’ I think it’s a cooler person by definition. I was an outcast and I think I turned out all right.”

    While Perry is hesitant to reveal too much about her new, highly-anticipated album, which seems to still be in the conceptual phase, she is able to tease a few key ideas: “I will be have to be creative on this next one. I don’t think I could duplicate what I did last time. I will definitely try out some different things.”

    Contribute to The Trevor Project now! Thanks to Toyota Financial Services for their contributions to the Trevor Live LA event.

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