Far Cry 3 First Look With Jesse Cox and Dodger Leigh

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  • Before Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 even hits stores, What’s Trending gets an exclusive first look at the brand new video game with YouTube’s favorite gamers, Jesse Cox and Dodger Leigh.

    After recovering from a skydiving incident gone wrong, explore the open world of Rook Island with our trusty gamers, featuring visceral, treacherous adventures in hangliding, first-person shooting, pirate-dueling, ziplining, getting murdered by forest-roaming tigers, and much more.

    Before even pressing his first “X” button in the studio, Jesse informs us that people are describing Far Cry 3 like “Skyrim but with guns and drugs.” Once he begins playing, he feels safe in saying that this new installment is definitely a step up from Far Cry 2. “It just looks and plays better and the story seems awesome.”

    As the play continues, we learn about our guests’ gamer backgrounds, preferences, and invaluable tips.

    Sporting one of the best gamer faces out there, Dodger tells us, “When I started really watching people doing gaming stuff on YouTube, I realized that there weren’t a lot of girls doing it,” So, she gave it her best shot and now she runs two amazingly successful channels: PressHeartToContinue and DexterityBonus.

    While both gamers have been too busy doing what they do best to think about holiday gift shopping, we do learn that Dodger has most recently been wrapped up in playing Pid, an indie-platformer game, and both she and Jesse are extremely excited for the new Tomb Raider game.

    When asked about their best tips for playing open world games, both adamantly advise: “Explore everything!”

    Giving his final thoughts on the Far Cry 3 first look, Jesse tells us that the game will be on his doorstep come midnight and he’s ready and willing to keep playing.

    And to wrap up this exciting game day, Dodger gives her soundbite: “As somebody who doesn’t typically play these sorts of games, I think that it’s gorgeous and the controls are great and I’d like to play more of it.”

    For a chance to win a copy of Far Cry 3 signed by Jesse and Dodger, tell us your favorite open world game in the YouTube comments!

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