The Game Talks New “Jesus Piece” Album, Dr. Dre, and Balancing Music with Religion

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  • Rapper, Game, sits down with Shira Lazar and co-host Kevin Brueck to tease details about his upcoming album, “Jesus Piece,” featuring his collaborations with Kanye West, Common, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and Jeezy.

    It was only a year ago that Game was here with us to chat about his last “The R.E.D. Album” and now he’s back with a brand new record about to launch. Game says of his productive mindset, “That album went #1 so I just figured I’d come right back and get going again.”

    Along with the motivation to keep his career going and establish some longevity in the industry, his inspiration for this album includes “trying to find a balance between music and religion, life, love, family, friends, the streets.” And he has a star-studded lineup of guest artists to help him make it happen.

    While he grew up without really appreciating Church and religion, his views have since transformed. “As you get older and you try to find the balance of life and you have family and kids and you start getting blessed from here and there […] you got to give thanks to something,” he says. “Jesus is all around you, so why not embrace that without having to change the core of you are as a person every day?”

    Game is excited to describe how the ways in which he’s seen different musicians approach their craft, but he also reveals that he never got the chance to work with his dream collaborator, who has been and always will be the late Amy Winehouse. “When people pass, I just let their legacies exist and I don’t really tamper with that,” he says. “I just appreciate it on my own.”

    In terms of his own technique, Game takes the digital approach, reading his lyrics from his phone while he’s in the recording studio. Pro tip: put those smartphones on Airplane Mode if you attempt this!

    Finally, he gives a shout out to the man who helped him get his start in the business. Game says, “Dr. Dre is the dopest hip-hop producer that ever lived and I’m just proud to say that I was a student at the Dr. Dre school.”

    We also got Game’s raw reaction to his friend DMX’s viral “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” rap!

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