Illeana Douglas’ Exclusive Look Into “Easy To Assemble” Season 4 with Tom Arnold

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  • Illeana Douglas – creator, writer, and star of the hilarious “Easy to Assemble” web series – stops by What’s Trending to chat with Taryn Southern and take fan questions about the fourth season of her wildly successful show and what we can expect next in the IKEA-funded and inspired world.

    Before treating us to an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode, Douglas explains that her character has been trying to get out of show business and into a “normal” life by working at her local Burbank IKEA. Now that she’s started her own online talk show, “This Side Up” (sort of like our show!), inside an actual IKEA (not like our show), she’s content with her choices, but she’s still receiving pressure from friends to get back into the business of show.

    Her characters have taken some crazy journeys in the past three seasons, but Douglas insists that she still has much more to throw their way.

    “I feel as if I’m not done with the story,” she says. “And for some reason, somebody’s guiding me to write this story and hopefully IKEA is the benefit of it.”

    The showrunner is now known for bringing big names into her creative sphere, with Fred Willard having been with her since season one, and Jeff Goldblum and Jane Lynch having made their marks. Our guest admits, “It’s been an amazing journey and some if it is just an excuse to work with amazing people that I love, like Tom Arnold, this year Roger Bart, Laraine Newman…”

    She adds, “Now I have people actually lining up to be in the show!” This new season alone features Kate Micucci, Greg Proopa, Wayne Federman, and some amazing musical acts like Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts, along with Swedish and indie bands. Matt Sorum from Guns N’ Roses might even make an appearance!

    If that’s not enough, Douglas is also working with Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions to develop her own television series. So whether you’re new to the online show or a sworn devotee, stay immersed in the world of “Easy To Assemble” as it continues its to be a guiding light in the world of web series.

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