Dogs vs. Cats: Which Does The Internet Truly Love More?

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  • Our friends at Visible Measures are finally providing some answers to the age-old Internet question: do people like cats or dogs more?

    Their team looked at the top 100 most-viewed videos for both cats and dogs in order to find out which cuddly pet audiences really liked better.

    Ultimately, cats reigned supreme, accumulating more than 1.6 billion total views across 100 videos, with the top 100 dog videos accruing just over 1 billion views. Cats also elicited over 2.3 million viewer comments compared to the dogs’ comments, which didn’t even reach 1 million.

    The most-viewed cat video, “Very Angry Cat,” has gathered over 81 million views since it was uploaded in 2008.

  • The most-watched dog video, “Ultimate Dog Tease,” has gained more than 125 million views since it was uploaded in 2011.

  • While Visible Measures ran this statistical experiment to help advertisers choose between using dogs and cats in their ads, the information really just comes as a relief for any avid YouTuber viewer or videomaker who’s been wondering the same exact thing while browsing for the next biggest viral fad.

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