Lady Gaga Dies And Goes To Heaven In “G.U.Y.” Music Video

The latest music video from Lady Gaga is an 11-minute epic of I-Don't-Know-What's-Going-On.
By Bryce Christian
  • Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

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    Mother Monster wants to be the “Girl Under You” in her “G.U.Y.” music video. The 11-minute production opens with the song “Artpop” in which Gaga is found dead in a ditch–with wings.

    She then blasts off to a “whole new dimension” in the “Venus” segment. This “dimension” is a bizarre heaven that features Bravo’s Andy Cohen as “God” lip-synching while Gaga does water aerobics with aquatic nuns. All of this is taking place at a rather lavish Italian-esque mansion that looks quite fabulous. Heaven actually looks pretty dope.

    After dying and floating in a Tuscan pool, Gaga realizes that all she wants to do is DANCE. Cue the “G.U.Y.” track. This catchy tune has the singer busting out “Bad Romance” moves before getting lost in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Egyptian soundstage.

    But before returning to the real world to assert her feminist authority, Gaga decides to resuscitate Michael Jackson, Gandhi and Jesus.

    The end.