Firefighter Proposes To His Teacher Girlfriend During A Fire Drill

They earn a standing ovation from her students, probably because they also got to miss class.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Fire Drill Engagement

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    Greentown Firefighter Justin Deierling proposed to his teacher girlfriend, Megan, during a fire drill in front of all her students. It was a complete surprise and Justin’s brother filmed the whole romantic day.

    In the video description, Justin wrote: “Megan has changed my life in the best way. I wanted to do something super special for her. We met on this date 6 months ago while I was volunteering for my FD passing out water to the students participating in a walkathon. I instantly knew she was someone special. I knew how much she loves her job and the kids at Greentown and wanted to include them as well as the place we met. I thought what better to do this than a fire drill. It was a great successes. All the kids got rings too (ring pops) afterwards. Such a great day!!”

    Okay, this is too sweet. We’re gonna need a ring pop just to get through the video.