Bart Baker Killed Katy Perry In His “Dark Horse” Parody

At Playlist Live, the YouTube music video parody maker talked about his popular channel and why he offed Katy Perry.
By Gaby Dunn
  • YouTube’s King of Parody, Bart Baker, joins us at Playlist Live to discuss the complexity of his videos, and what he did to get back at the publisher who had his Dark Horse parody taken down.

    Even though it was only his first year at Playlist, he was on the main stage — though it may be the last time. “I took my pants off and danced around,” he joked. “I was totally nude.”

    At the convention, he premiered his video, a parody of Perry’s “Dark Horse.” Baker said it was his most difficult video to make yet due to all the green screen used.

    Baker said he’s allowed to be mean, “because it’s comedy.” Plus, he gives his opinion on parody, which he feels some people on YouTube use too loosely. For example, people who use the music but don’t lampoon the actual artist or song. Baker says he wouldn’t define that as “parody.”

    For example, Baker’s “Royals” parody, which he had to fight Lorde’s people to keep online. Because of his Twitter campaign, the video was ultimately reinstated. A win for “true parody.”