Video Of Rapper Confronting “Fan” At Monday Night Raw Goes Viral

The instigator tweeted Wale taunting him and the rapper agreed to come fight during the wrestling match.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Wale Confronts Fan At WWE Raw In DC After Twitter Beef! 10 Sec Cell Phone Footage

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    It’s only 10 seconds of footage but the story is pretty crazy. A “fan” spotted rapper Wale at Monday Night Raw and tweeted at him saying he wanted to fight.

    Wale wrote back agreeing, asking where the tweeter was seated. Then, he came down the aisle ready to brawl.

    The video ends in a confrontation, where Wale is held back and told to calm down. Did the guy really think Wale was going to come rumble with him? He should have had to put his money where his Twitter is.