Lia tells us about her crazy schedule, being a YouTube fangirl, and playing Terry The Tomboy.
  • Lia Marie Johnson stopped by our stage at Playlist Live to discuss her fangirl moments, and how she became Terry the Tomboy on Awesomeness TV! She said even though she’s a YouTuber she still gets starstruck by the people she meets at VidCon and Playlist.

    “But I realized I do the same things they do,” she said. “It’s a family. It’s a community.”

    She also stars in a movie version of her character Terry The Tomboy.

    “Playing her I have to do the most ridiculous things in front of people and online,” she said, “so now it’s like who cares? It’s helped me like, you don’t have to be girly all the time and care what people think about you constantly.”