Anders Helstrup was inches from a falling meteorite while skydiving.
  • Meteorite almost hits Norwegian skydiver – FULL STORY

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    One day in 2012, Anders Helstrup was nearly killed skydiving as a meteorite fell inches from him. It wasn’t until recently that he realized he recorded it. This is the first time anyone has ever filmed a falling meteorite in its rock form. Geologist Hans Erik Foss Amundsen claims the rock would have ripped Helstrup in half as it was traveling more than four times the speed of a bullet. The meteorite has not yet been found, but is claimed to be very valuable because of the film record of falling.

    Viewers claim to think the video was fabricated saying the rock was falling way too slowly. The geologist didn’t have anything to say about it though. What do you think of the video? Is it fake, or a very rare coincidence?